BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Benjamin Magalong is mulling the immediate rehabilitation of Wright Park, one of the iconic tourist destinations where tourists went for the famous pony rides.

Baguio City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO) Atty. Rhenan Diwas presented a P717 million proposed Wright Park Development Plan that includes a P397 million parking building., during the management committee meeting presided by Mayor Benjamin Magalong. Photo by PIO/ MANILA BULLETIN

This was as City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO) Head Rhenan Diwas presented a P717-million development plan for Wright Park that would include a P397-million parking building during a recent management committee meeting presided by Magalong.

Diwas explained that it was conceptualized as a traditional nature park infused with the adventure of horse-back riding that has made the area popular to residents and visitors for all these years.

Other than the four-storey parking facility, the “green architecture” conceptual framework also included elevated walkways, decks and rest nooks, walkable areas and historic restorations, among others.

Diwas, admitted, however, that the plan is quite “ambitious” since it was conceptualized before the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic struck and can be adjusted if need be.

He suggested construction of the parking building in the area as a priority project since it will be generating revenue  to fund the park’s development.

The facility can also serve the parking needs of not only Wright Park but also the Botanical Garden and Mines View Park, and become a centralized transportation hub, he claimed.

Diwas said that the rest of the amenities can follow in phases when funding allows and times are more favorable.

Magalong pointed out that while most of the city’s funds are geared towards fighting the virus, he was upbeat that outside sources of funding will be secured to complete the projects. 

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