The OB-Gyne department of Justice Jose Abad Santos General Hospital (JJASGH) in Binondo, Manila was closed to the public Sunday noon (Sept. 27) after its occupancy rate reached 137 percent. 

In a Facebook post, JJASGH said there are 75 mothers who just gave birth who are admitted at the hospital, but they only have a 59-bed capacity. 

The hospital said it will reopen its OB-Gyne department after patients are sent home.

Meanwhile, expecting mothers may head to other nearby hospitals, it said. 

JJASGH was closed twice on August this year after going over its capacity.

The hospital closed on August 8 after it hit a 233-percent capacity. It reopened on August 24.

It was again closed on August 28 after a patient surge reached 240 percent and was reopened on August 31.

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