On World Car Free Day, Pasig City launched an interest-free bike loan program for employees of the city government to promote biking and provide an eco-friendly means of transportation.


The Pasig Transport Department which initiated the program said the application for the Pasig City Employee Bike Loan Program is now open.

“In celebration of World Car Free Day, we are launching the Pasig City Employee Bike Loan Program,” the Pasig Transport said.

“This is an interest-free loan to help City employees buy bikes in order to promote biking and to help provide a sustainable means of transportation,” it added.  

The loan program is open to all Job Order, Casual, Permanent, and Coterminous employees of Pasig City government.

On World Bicycle Day last June 3, Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto bared the plan of the local government to provide City Hall employees with bike loans to encourage them to use bicycles as an alternative mode of transport.

Due to limited public transportation during the lockdown, people were forced to walk or use bicycles to get to work.

“We are increasingly seeing a lack of infrastructure for alternative forms of transportation. In ordinary times, less than 30 percent of people travel by private cars, but they cover more than 80 percent of the roads,” Sotto earlier said.

“Today is the right time to promote the reforms on our transportation system in Metro Manila,” he added.

Interested employees who want to avail of the bike loan can visit bit.ly/PasigEmployeeBikeLoans for more details.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2020/09/22/pasig-city-offers-zero-interest-bike-loan-program-for-govt-employees/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=pasig-city-offers-zero-interest-bike-loan-program-for-govt-employees)