Six pharmacy storages opened in different parts of Manila today (Sept. 25) to “decentralize” the distribution of medicines needed by residents on World Pharmacists Day.


The Manila Health Department said the new storages are located at Vitas Health Center and Atang Dela Rama Health Center in Tondo, F. Lanuza Health Center in Santa Cruz, F. Legarda Health Center in Sampaloc, Paco Health Center in Paco and Bacood Health Center in Santa Mesa.

“The different health centers in the city will get their supply of medicines in their respective pharmacy storage located in their districts,” the Manila Health Department said.

Aside from distributing the medicines previously stored at a central facility to six districts, city health officer Dr. Arnold Pangan said, the opening of the six storages will also expedite the release of medicines and prevent them from getting expired due to long storage.

Medicines purchased by the local government as well as those donated by the Department of Health will be stored in the pharmacy storages and given for free to less privileged residents.

Source: Manila Bulletin (