CEBU CITY–For the next six months, exporting of live hogs and sows from the province of Cebu will be prohibited.

Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia has signed Executive Order (EO) No. 8, prohibiting live hogs raised in farms and in backyards in Cebu from being exported. 

“There is an urgent need to strictly regulate the export of live hogs and sows to other areas of the country in order to protect the pig supply in the Province of Cebu,” the EO read.

Some areas in the country are experiencing shortage of pork supply due to the African swine fever (ASF).

Some ASF-affected areas are getting their pork supply from Cebu, which remained free of the disease.

With this, Garcia said the province was taking steps to avoid pork shortage in Cebu.

“When there’s a shortage, there will be a price increase. We don’t want that to happen here,” Garcia said.

The governor clarified that exporting pork by-products will still be allowed.

In a meeting with members of the Central Visayas Pork Producers Cooperative (CeViPPco) on January 29, the governor was told that for the month of January this year, the local supply of pork was not enough to meet the province’s demand of 4,226 metric tons.

According to CeViPPco, pork producers in Cebu could only produce a total of 2,750 metric tons of pork per month. 

The increase of demand of pork and live hogs in Cebu has led to increase of price per kilo-live weight, Garcia said.

Garcia said the ban will be lifted once the price of pork stabilizes.

“This is only temporary to help stabilize the market. We’re preventing the possible and real shortage of pork in the market,” Garcia said.

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