Employees of all registered businesses in Makati City, even if they are not Makati residents, will be given free coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines as they are covered in the city’s COVID-19 vaccination program.


Mayor Abigail Binay said Makati’s P1-billion budget for the procurement of the vaccines and its share of vaccines acquired by the national government will be enough to cover all Makati-based businesses.

“We are confident we will have enough to cover our essential workers who keep businesses running,” she said in a statement.

“We will use the number of employees declared by the businesses in their business permit applications as the basis for the number of employees who will be vaccinated for free. This is our way of helping our economic frontliners.”

According to the local government, in order to qualify for the free COVID-19 vaccines, companies must have a 2021 business permit and are up-to-date with their tax payments, including those paying in installments.

On the other hand,companies that have purchased vaccines for their employees will no longer be included.

Expanding the scope of the city’s vaccination program to the business sector will help boost its efforts to sustain the city’s economy through 100 percent COVID vaccination, Binay said.

During daytime, the mayor said the city’s population balloons to around five million as millions of non-residents troop to its companies and establishments daily. Makati has more than 500, 000 residents.

Binay allayed fears among residents and workers who may be apprehensive about the vaccine’s possible adverse side effects.

Makati will cover medical expenses and hospital bills of those who experience any adverse effects linked to the vaccine, she said.

“Anybody who experiences adverse effects will receive free hospitalization. For non-residents it will be covered by Philhealth and the ‘Malasakit Financial Assistance’ from the Department of Health. In Makati, our #ProudMakatizens will get free medical and health assistance through our Yellow Card program,” said the Makati mayor.

“Getting vaccinated is our best hope of fighting the coronavirus. It is a chance to regain mobility, and jumpstart the economy. We do not have to live in fear of infecting our families and loved ones each time we come home from work,” she added.

Speaking at the Coordinated Operations to Defeat Epidemic (CODE) Team’s recent visit to the city, Binay announced that the first batch of the COVID-19 vaccines will arrive in February and will immediately be administered to the city’s frontliners.

According to her, the rest of the vaccines will arrive by the third quarter of the year, and the city will also wait for its allocation from the national government.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/01/31/makati-to-inoculate-all-employees-of-registered-businesses-for-free/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=makati-to-inoculate-all-employees-of-registered-businesses-for-free)