Supposed anti-communist parents held Tuesday their own mobilization along the University Avenue in Quezon City but were eventually prevented from entering the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman campus that led to a heated argument.

(photo via Joseph Pedrajas)

Several members of the League of Parents of the Philippines (LPP) and Duterte Youth, who were protesting against alleged communist infiltration, confronted UP students and community members after they were asked to leave.

According to the UP Office of Student Regent, they were joined by military personnel. 

The heated argument was caught on videos posted on social media, with some members of the opposing sides seen shouting against each other.

UP Chancellor Fidel Nimenzo faced the anti-Communist rallyists and told them that they could instead engage in formal dialogue to raise their concerns.

As the rallyists also expressed support for the accord’s abrogation, Nimenzo meanwhile defended UP community members’ move to hold protests against it by citing their freedom of expression inside the university.

LPP and Duterte Youth’s mobilization was held after UP community members held a press conference Tuesday to reiterate their opposition against the Defense department’s unilateral abrogation of accord with the state university.

UP students eventually staged a protest to counter them.

Source: Manila Bulletin (