The local government of Valenzuela City started on Monday the opening of its registration for those willing to be inoculated with the upcoming coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and advised its residents to follow the process before being qualified to get the free vaccine.

According to the city government, 320,000 individuals (those 18 years old above) or 71 percent of the city’s total population will be receiving AstraZeneca’s vaccine from July to December 2021 as the city allotted P150 million for the program.

However, residents must first comply with the following registration process to become beneficiaries of the vaccine:

1. Register to the city’s vaccine project website via

2. Wait for the call from the City Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit for validation.

3. Wait for the schedule when to receive the first dose of the vaccine.

4. Go to the assigned vaccination center along with personal ValTrace QR (quick response) code.

5. Undergo revalidation, briefing and medical screening before receiving the vaccine.

6. Get a “VCVax Passport,” which indicates the next schedule for the second vaccine dose and which includes other reminders.

Upon arrival at the vaccination center, the local government said individuals must expect to undergo the following:

1. Registration or validation

2. Counseling and final consent

3. Screening

4. Vaccination, and

5. Post-vaccination observation

The local government said there will be 17 vaccination centers all across the city and will be manned by 76 vaccination teams.

About 3,080 individuals are also expected to get vaccinated every day for 116 days.

Source: Manila Bulletin (