DAVAO CITY – The Department of Health (DoH)-Davao Center for Health Development reported 52 new COVID-19 cases here Wednesday.

Regional Case Bulletin No. 340 showed 86 new COVID-19 cases in the region – 52 from Davao City, 25 from Davao del Norte, seven from Davao de Oro, one from Davao del Sur, and one from Davao Oriental.

Davao region has recorded 19,154 COVID-19 cases with 2,201 active.  Davao City has 12,581 cases with 1,107 active.

As of Wednesday, the Southern Philippines Medical Center reported 74.29 percent utilization rate or 26 patients occupying 35 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds allotted for COVID-19 cases. Two-hundred fifty-nine beds are occupied out of 362 ward beds for COVID-19 for a 71.55 percent utilization rate.

Six new deaths were reported in the Davao region and three of the fatalities were from Davao City. This city has recorded 608 deaths due to COVID-19 while Davao region has 792.

On the other hand, 262 new recoveries were recorded in the Davao region, 187 from Davao City, bringing the total number of recoveries to 10,866. The region has recorded 16,161 recoveries.

Meanwhile, the DOH Davao region has recorded 468 healthcare workers who were admitted due to COVID-19 as of Feb. 16.

The Davao region’s COVID-19 Weekly Situationer No. 31 released by the DOH Wednesday said 2,407 healthcare workers in the region were affected by COVID-19 as of Feb.16 – 468 were admitted, 1,928 have recovered, and 11 have died.

Five-hundred twenty-one were nurses while 235 are physicians, 170 are nurse attendants, 110 are medical technologists, and 242 are other healthcare workers.

There are 432 staff and 686 non healthcare workers affected.
The 11 fatalities from COVID-19 were three nurses, two physicians, one other healthcare worker, five staff, and one non-healthcare worker or frontliner.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/02/18/davao-city-logs-52-new-covid-cases/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=davao-city-logs-52-new-covid-cases)