Nine people were injured after a jeepney rammed three motorcycles along Recto Avenue in Manila on Monday, Feb. 22.


Police identified those injured as Jojit Santiago Esteban, jeepney driver; Elvira C. Jerez, 59; Gloria C. Fabit, 65; Angelita C. Pabit, 44; Urika R. Albacite, 22; Rosita C. Factor, 40; jeepney passengers; Brian Figueroa Revaldo; Jude T. Paulma; and Jabbar Candidato; motorcycle riders.

Investigation showed that the involved vehicles were travelling eastward along Recto Avenue in Manila at around 11:28 a.m.

Upon reaching the corner of Masangkay Street, Esteban reportedly lost control of his vehicle and rammed the three motorcycles in front of him before slamming against a concrete post.

The injured individuals were treated by members of the Manila Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office.

A medical and physical examination showed that the driver was not drunk during the accident. He will still be submitted to a drug test.

The motorcycle riders agreed to a settlement with Esteban.

However, Esteban will still be slapped with an administrative sanction.

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